Friday, February 24, 2006 

Blog, blog, bloggety blog...

This morning has been almost overwhelming with ideas of how blogging might be used in the classroom. To anyone new to the concept and feeling skeptical (as I did initially) I would compare the use of blogging in the classroom of today as paper might have been welcomed in the classrooms of a century ago.

The technological learning has time implications and finding time may prove to be a bit of a hurdle. I think, however, it'll be time well spent.

I still have questions pertaining to posting mathematical notation (exponents, diagrams and the like), as well as how to set one up and keep it interesting enough for students to want to log on.

Thanks Darren, I'm sure we'll bump into each other again.



Interested in Learning More

An overwhelming start - but can see the advantages and possibilities that a program like this can offer. We like the interactive aspect, as opposed to a class web page that only provides info. Eager to learn - will definately keep in contact to become more blog literate.


Learning to Blog

I only recently heard of blogging and now in the last 2 weeks have been exposed to the tool.It is overwhelming at this point but I find that with all technology.I think it is a skill that need to be introduced to all teachers but the effectiveness will come from implementation startegies.Is there a need to challenge all school divisions to ensure this technology is available to all staff? Do days need to be set aside specifically for inservicing in a situation where time and instructors are available to meet the needs of the teaching staffs.


Setting a goal to try this with one class in the beginning

I've definitely found this session interesting. I'm thinking of my Pre-cal40S students and all the difficulties and questions that came up at the start of the year (especially because I'm teaching this course for the first time) and how it would be really great if students had a way to voice their concerns to me and get help from their classmates as well. I like the idea of having students taking more of an ownership role in their learning and also the idea of school entering into my students "world" outside of school.



I have several friends who have set up and use blogs regularly (none though as an educational type tool) and had not previously considered it as one. After the conference today however I have seen how useful they can be, that being said however it would require a large time investment by the teacher to set up and maintain the blog. Certainly it would not be a small undertaking.

Thursday, February 02, 2006 

Loving this virtual conference

I know it's not virtual for you guys, who are actually sat down in Winnipeg doing stuff, but I am loving listening in on Skype. I wouldn't need to be in the same room to learn from Darren. Don't forget to come back regularly to your blogs and write posts as often as possible. Also, keep an eye on your comments - I've left a few helpful (and cheeky) ones for you today. You can then cite what I've said (and link to me, of course) or just continue to leave a comment under the one I left.

In other words, try to have a conversation on your blog or on my blog.


Darren is great!

Thanks for your inspiration.



See you Jimmy!


My Favorite Blog

I enjoy how this ( blog is used by the teacher and students. The students ask questions, share workload, and seem to have a very close relationship with the teacher. The teacher is able to communicate assignments, assist with homework, and share some interesting course related info and interesting other stuff.


1st post

This seems to be an effective tool, I take too many notes on paper that I misplace or discard because I've forgotten their relevance. This would seem to let me get back into the mindset when the thought initially occured. Apparently I have to find time for a new learning tool.


My first post

My first post...I'll try to get this right.
From what I've seen about blogs, some of its benefits as a teacher comes from finding stuff on the web and using it freely in the classroom. I've tried this before as a math teacher, and finding something that is just right is the challenge. I've spent (wasted) many hours searching and searching endlessly. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way of doing this more easily? Enlighten me.


Hi Ewan how are the HEARTS doing these days! I am an OWLS fan and are struggling through some lean times these days.


Enter the Post

My first post.
Before this PD I really had no idea what a Blog was. Now that i have seen some examples of Blogs being used in the classroom i can see how useful they would be in my own classroom. Currently we have just finished exams and a Blog would have been a great way to prepare the students. I can see myself creating a Blog to help my students review for their math and science exam.


Post 1

I want to post websites like this one so that students will reference them from home.