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Friday, December 16, 2005 

Sitting in the workshop I am drawn back to the possibilities that all students are able to have a sense of belonging to the community of their math class. It is going to be an interesting mountain to climb and challenge to tackle. I am excited to see the increase in the math chatter that will occur once they are created.

How many quiet kids don't understand what you have just taught. Do they not say anything because they are shy or just don't want to ask the question because of the ridicule of their peers. Blogging is a way for those who will not speak in class to have a voice.

Teenagers are at their best after 3:00 in the afternoon. blogging might be the work that they choose to do when their brains are working at their peak level.

Though I feel literate in technology I am wary of creating a blog space for 140 students.

As any person who cannot dance taking the first Ballroom Bootcamp steps will be the most daunting. I am confident though that by the time January rolls around the students will be beginning to have their first math blogging experiences.

The results of the final exam in June will show the increase in math literacy from their conversations online.

Darren your enthusing is infectious.

Thanks for spreading it!!!!!

The communities that you can build will amaze you! Also students begin to have a voice and they love it! You made a very thoughtful post! I enjoyed reading it!

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