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Friday, December 16, 2005 

Student Teachers and Blogging

I've really been enjoying blogging with Erin and the S1 math class. It's opened an opportunity for me, as a student teacher, to get to know the students better since I don't seem them on a regular basis like regular classroom teachers. It also gives me the opportunity to interact with students outside of school.

A thought that's come up out of this workshop is that all student teachers should have a classroom that they're blogging with right from the beginning of the school year. It's a "win-win-win situation" (right Darren?). This way a student teacher can track a class, their activities, and their learning an entire school year AND contribute to these things as well. The cooperating teacher benefits from having another teacher "managing" the blog, and the students benefit from having another teacher-mentor. Plus, the class could be anywhere in the world! That's something that always interests me. When I did a teaching practicum in Costa Rica, my eyes were opened to a whole other approach to education and I know there is much to be learned from other perspectives I have yet to cross.

Are there teachers out there that would be willing to have their class "adopt" a student teacher for a year?

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