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Friday, December 16, 2005 

I'm learning the tango!

I am so excited! I had some recent surgery that left me deaf in one ear and some problems with my balance. I don't have very good balance, especially when thinking about dancing. Hey, no problem! I have one very good hearing ear and here I am today still dancing away! And to think, I thought my dancing days were over. No way, here I am doing the tango! What fun!

This is an incredible workshop. I am connecting with an incredible group of Canadians. Who would have thought that a Georgia girl could make such a connection? The day was started with the group singing "Oh Canada". It was beautiful.

Right now all the participants are creating blogs and making their first post. Darren just said this is his favorite part of the day. He gets to see what others are thinking. Well, I give Darren a great big tip of the blogger hat! I can't believe I had the good fortune to spend the day here. The semester is over and we have a little down time to catch up on things. Forget catching up - gotta go tango!

Thanks from sunny Manitoba (albeit that it is snowing) for sharing your time and talents with Darren and our new bloggers in our workshop.
Take care & keep smiling (:-)

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