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Friday, December 16, 2005 

Blogging at an inner city middle school

I am pondering how this can work at my school. My students have a "computer class", with their computer teacher, twice every six days, but have little or no access to the lab during the rest of the week. As well, not all students have a computer at home, or if they do, not all have internet access. The logistics of this are discouraging me from beginning to blog with my students.

My most struggling students need this the most and I am unsure how to motivate them so that they will give blogging a chance.

Any help would be appreciated.

Most of the students in my groups have not had computers at home. There are still many, many things you could do. You can keep it simple and fun. I made a blog called Idioms Are Fun! I took stories from class that the students made and illustrated. I put those on the weblog and then in the comments the other students created a sentence with the idiom They had fun! I have lists of lots of ideas that I could share with you. Think of something that they need to practice and make up a fun activity.

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