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Friday, October 21, 2005 

Wish the better computer labs were available to my classes

I'm really liking this idea of getting my students to get blog-savvy and perhaps interact and synthesize the information from the day's lesson. However, I don't often have much time to get on the web myself, let alone some of my students. But it's a good way to post the java applets that they could view to get a better understanding of some of the concepts.

Unfortunately, my room is in the tech-knowledgeless part of the school so I haven't been able to show them in the classroom. And even worse than that, the only computer labs available during my classes are the old computers which don't support java applets. So I'm frustrated with my inability to get technology into my lessons. Perhaps this is the only way. If I can find only find the time ...

I would look into grants. I bet if you conceptualized a clear plan and the need you have you could get one and get you the technology and connectivity you need.

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